Bridging Blockchains by Building Acorss Them: How Kross Chain Launchpad is Growing its Empire

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology have tested the limits of how a technologically advanced foundation can influence and change people’s lives through decentralized initiatives that enhance people’s baseline capabilities. The entire initiative behind the DeFi Renaissance has been driven by one goal: To bring finance to those without access by building a decentralized web of networks that allows people direct access to banking privileges in a safe and transparent manner.

New smart chains are helping lay this foundations for this new initiative, and they are hosting projects both hig and small that are welcome to participate and contribute. These cryptocurrency projects differ in complexity and utility, with many different protocols assisting another. This type of piggybacking is a new thing in this industry as many investors and even network participants claim loyalty or propose complete commital to their protocol of choices success, but as compatibility between chains is becoming more and more frequent, we are seeing less and less evidence of this kind of tribalism.

It’s for this reason that I have found the goals and innovation behind Kross Chain Launchpad and it’s strategic partners very interesting and a bit of a deviation of what we’re are used to seeing.

Kross Chain Launchpad began its journey in July and it has seen a few budding but successful launches come off of its platform on multiple changes. Originally committed to helping launch projects on the newly created Kucoin Community Chain, KCLP has focused on being a full service launchpad that can create and host a projects IDO to help them launch on any smart chain.

Some of the projects already hosted on the platform include Big League NFT and K-root Wallet. These two projects are both currently still working toward developing and polishing their ecosystems, but the opportunity KCLP has afforded them both is astounding. These 2 projects have already established a large following and their Telegram group is quite large.

Big League is launching sports based NFTs that will feature some if the most famous athletes and moments in all of sports. In addition to holding a scarce piece of digital sports memorabilia, you will have the opportunity to earn passively off your NFT and even participate in the direction of the project using shared Governance.

K-root Wallet is a wallet based cryptocurrency that will feature on KCC and other smart chains alike. KROOT Token was launched as an IDO on KCLP and they are creating a massive wallet that will allown users to bridge assets and trade, all in the same wallet. Other features will include an in waller browser, staking, and NFT holding.

There initiatives to create a decentralized empire through its Launchpad don’t end there.

Along with the above mentioned IDOs, they’ve also got plans to help launch 2 other projects this month with YAAN Launchpad and GameZilla due to take off. These are both Launchpad platforms with different focuses. A third project is also launching called PADD.Finance and will be featured on the KCLP platform at a later time.

Building an empire means you have to be strong on all fronts and KCLP is focused on building smart chains up, one innovative project at a time. With so many new smart chains and capabilities coming on a seemingly daily basis, it’s obvious that there are an extremely large number of talented people ready to contribute to this buying industry.

KCLP is poised for success in the long term as its partnerships and networks grow through its launches. It would not be surprising to see an entirely new and functional ecosystem grow from this organic push to create easier access to investment opportunities in DeFi. It’s genuine and the teams behind the projects have been transparent and available for people to ask questions. As this project continues to grow, keep an eye out for new updates and information regarding KCLP at the links below

(I write articles, reviews, and Litepapers for legitimate, interesting, up and coming cryptocurrency projects. Feel free to PM me to review your project. Thank you!)

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. The sole purpose of this post/article is to provide and create and informative and educated discussion regarding the project in question. Invest at your own risk.

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