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CAT Token: Saving Cats One Token at a Time

Most people can agree that there are 2 different types of people in this world; Dog people and Cat people. Finally! A cryptocurrency for the latter!

Meme coins are on the rise, with many of them blatantly rug pulling or providing no use case whatsoever. Cat Token (CAT), aims to provide a utility which will help the little furry friends we love and adore. There’s a fair argument about utility in cryptocurrency and whether or not tokens/coins are actually providing anything. No matter what anyone says, helping animals is always honorable and is one of the best use cases out there.

(Contract Address: 0x56015bbe3c01fe05bc30a8a9a9fd9a88917e7db3)

The focus of CAT is to create NFT’s (Non-Fungable-Tokens) which can be used as trading cards of Cats! In the upcoming Whitepaper, the CAT community is going to take things further and create a real use case that we can all get behind: Saving and helping homeless cats. I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast but an animal lover at heart and I applaud this approach. The $Doge community has created a very large and influential following and has done some incredible things. Cat Token aims to use this type of influence and power for the greater good. They will begin to give back to our furry friends by taking the profits generated from Uniswap and sending them to various Non-Profit organizations that help Cats.

Cat Token has a current price (data via CoinGecko) of $0.031636, with volume reaching $232,370 in 24 hours. The current market capitalization is $184,820. The token was launched 56 days ago with an initial total supply of 15,000,000. The community decided that the token supply was a bit high, so 4 million tokens were burned. In addition, 5 million were provided for liquidity, 1 million set aside for marketing expenses, 3 million set aside for development, and 1.5 million are being used to be given back to the community in various events which will be announced via their telegram channel (

A road map has been published on their site as well ( It includes:

- Tipping bots being added to Telegram chat to increase community engagement

- More support for more Centralized and Decentralized exchanges

- Create a Trollbox on the official site

- ETH 2.0 Token Migration (TBD)

- NFT Trading cards backed by CAT Tokens

- Helping cats across the world who are in need of shelter by supporting Non-Profits created to serve cats

While this is a project with high ambition, I believe that it is worth supporting based solely on their overall intentions to help cats. Animals are treated poorly and are starved, abused, and simply forgotten about. Initiatives like this can make a difference and truly showcase how, if done correctly, cryptocurrency can help and change the real world for the greater good.

Keep an eye on CAT Token!

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