GZILA Has Liftoff: The Gaming Launchpad GameZilla is Taking Over

The last week has seen the cryptocurrency markets suffer a great deal of pain and suffering. Over $250,000,000,000 in market capitalization vanished as news regarding the Evergrande situation in China has the global economy bracing for impact as the fallout from the inability to pay back debt continues to be evaluated.

Cryptocurrency has rebounded nicely recently, with BTC trading at $43,389 as of this writing. Other alt coins have flourished as well, among them a brand new project that was just launched on the Kross Chain Launchpad platform, GameZilla. The gaming based launchpad is up over 25x as of this writing, with a current price of $0.124

With over $350,000 in volume, the token is still susceptible to swings in price due to the low levels of liquidity and trade history. There are over 1100 holders and the diluted market cap for GameZilla at current price is $146,000,000. The subsequent IDO on KCLP was a major success and a sign of true support for the projects launching on the platform. There are already projects lined up to start building on both the KCLP and GameZilla platforms so they can join and participate in a growing ecosystem featuring new ways to explore decentralized finance and put your idle crypto to work.

It’s interesting to see a new project featured on a launchpad doing so well in a market that many have deemed to be weakening. This seems to be the opposite with GameZilla as they’ve garnered a lot of attention from a lot of different influencers and traders, which is what has led to such a successful launch.

I’m looking closely at GZILA and KCLP. Both have the opportunity to sustain long term growth as they continue to develop their ecosystems and gain new support.

Contract Address: 0x4178934c6e313a062c5addd66ab0d9b8d858347a

Website: https://www.gamezilla.studio/

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. The sole purpose of this post/article is to provide and create and informative and educated discussion regarding the project in question. Invest at your own risk.

(I write articles, reviews, and Litepapers for legitimate, interesting, up and coming cryptocurrency projects. Feel free to PM me to review your project. Thank you!)



Freelance Writer, Content Creator, Registered Nurse, Cryptocurrency Trader and Enthusiast.

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Freelance Writer, Content Creator, Registered Nurse, Cryptocurrency Trader and Enthusiast.