Kucoin Launchpad: Building a Community Driven Blockchain, One Project at a Time

The birth of Ethereum (more specifically the creation and evolution of smart contracts) has created a massive and unstoppable financial revolution. A revolution about 100 plus years in the making. Cryptography has existed for quite some time, but it’s application into the tech space began in the early 1990’s which eventually cultivated in the Bitcoin protocol. Since then, Binance, Polygon, Polka Dot, and now Kucoin, have created their own decentralized finance blockchains that are changing the way we use our money and assets.

One of the glaring issues that remains to be addressed on all of these chains is providing an equal opportunity and environment for developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts as a whole to thrive and build the industry in a way that brings incentive to everyone, equally, and openly. As mentioned above, Kucoin has recently launched their own Blockchain, the Kucoin Community Chain, and projects are being created and rolled out. With it being so early, a group of experienced and committed individuals are addressing the aforementioned problem by creating a launchpad that focuses on fair distribution, equal opportunity, and transparency to investors who Re looking to help contribute to the rise of start-ups on this new chain.

Welcome to a new way to build the industry and the community around it.

Welcome to Kucoin Launchpad.

Kucoin Launchpad (KCLP) aims to help build high quality, innovative cryptocurrency and blockchain projects on the Kucoin Community Chain (KCC). The team members at KCLP saw a once in a lifetime opportunity to take on a leadership role and help bring KCC to the forefront of the industry. Being competitive with Ethereum, BSC, and the other up-and-coming DeFi ecosystems will always be a challenge for new start-ups, as exposure and capital are a luxury that can be obtained through back door channels and on a “who you know" basis.

This is inappropriate, non-transparent, and at the same time a bit unfair. That’s why at Kucoin Launchpad, fairness, equal opportunity, and transparency are always our top priority. As KCLP grows and starts to feature projects on our platform to facilitate organic and sustained growth as your project takes shape into a staple in a new industry, we will always adhere to 3 fundamentals which aren’t followed in similar launchpads. The 3 fundamentals are as follows:

No Luck.

No Lotteries.

No botting.

A big question you may ask is, “How do you plan on maintaining these fundamentals and applying a fair chance, equal opportunity investment option for new users in this new ecosystem, all while protecting them?”

With our system of distribution available for holders of our KCLP token, users who hold a percentage of KCLP tokens are given an allocation percentage related to their KCLP holdings. This means that there is no limit to how many KCLP tokens you must hold to be eligible for a percentage of allocation in a new tokens launch on our platform. This prevents botting and front running spots for allocation. Secondly, spots for allocation are not available via a lottery system or a luck of the draw process. This ensures all spots for allocation are filled for token holders only, so exposure is kept consistent, fair, and transparent.

So Kucoin Launchpad is solving a very big problem in blockchain. But there is another problem that also remains to be solved: “How will this launchpad handle launches differently to ensure maximum potential for success and exposure to users, and how will they help projects sustain their growth after launch?”

Thankfully this is another problem that Kucoin Launchpad has taken on.

Kucoin Launchpad facilitates it’s latches on its platform with marketing and social media solutions to help create an environment that generates plenty of chatter and hits on our featured projects. These services can extend well down the development cycle road, and we plan on extending our current level of support into a much larger and more expansive support system.

The team at Kucoin Launchpad is launching the project on July 21st, 2021. Tokenomics (minor changes may occur prior to launch) can be reviewed below:

The project is conducting an IDO of which the details can be seen below. To protect investors on all fronts, a vesting schedule is being implemented, and long term commitment is being shown with a 1 year lock on team tokens, amongst locks on other token pools being used for marketing, development, and other purposes.

The one way that Kucoin Launchpad stands out in how it handles its projects, both before and after launch. We as a launchpad have an advantage that others do not. Partnered with one of the best marketing firms in the blockchain industry, services will be available to our start-ups that aren’t on other launchpads. In addition, we’ve added an extensive team of supervisers and venture capitalists that are looking to improve and implement high quality projects on the Kucoin Community Chain.

The team of advisors helping guide the Kucoin Launchpad release include Master Ventures Managing Partner Orion Depp, and Karan Sharma, Partner at SparkPoint. In addition to connecting our partners with our start-ups, we also provide help with social media outreach, content creation services, and other marketing initiatives. Community Management services are also provided if required. Building an extensive community is something that can make or break a project, so it’s important to get in touch with the right audience and users.

With the KCLP launch just around the corner, things are moving quickly and some things are still changing here at Kucoin Launchpad. As things evolve and progress, we will continuiously keep the community and those interested in the project updated with news and happenings.

As the Kucoin Launchpad team prepares for liftoff, we look forward to enjoying this wonderful journey with our growing community.

Thank you,

The Kucoin Launchpad Team

Pertinent Links:

  • Telegram: https://t.me/KucoinLaunchpadofficial
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/kucoinlaunchpad?s=09
  • Telegram Announcementshttps://t.me/kclpAnnouncements

(I write articles, reviews, and Litepapers for legitimate, interesting, up and coming cryptocurrency projects. Feel free to PM me to review your project. Thank you!)

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. The sole purpose of this post/article is to provide and create and informative and educated discussion regarding the project in question. Invest at your own risk.



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