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Native Coin: Bringing Sovereignty to Native Americans Via Blockchain

Cryptocurrency has shown the world that it can be a major contributor in helping individuals and collectives navigate the ever-changing and growing FinTech sector. As the financial industry moves towards secure, trustless protocols to handle transactions and peer to peer interactions, many will unfortunately be left behind. Native Americans have been subject to many injustices and have been disbanded across the country, settling in tribes and areas designated for them by the U.S. government.

Historically, Native Americans have not had the same access to financial services or opportunities as the average American citizen. Blockchain, in all its glory, has proven itself useful once again. Native Coin, a cryptocurrency developed and built to help bring Native Americans together, assist in building their own infrastructure without the help of the government, and allow trustless transfer of capital between tribes. Being that tribes have sovereignty, they have been given permission by the U.S. Government to develop their own currency that can benefit them. Blockchain technology has provided an opportunity to do just that.

Native Coin (N8V, 0x8826039256EF043a4C08798171639ae12A874401) is an ERC20 token that aims "to enhance the global gaming experience and to raise the bar in respect to the financial aspects of hotel accommodations and business experience as a whole. Native American tribes generate billions of dollars every year through various means. There are 574 recognized Native American tribes in the United States. The gaming industry run by these tribes generated over $40,000,000,000 in revenue in 2019, with 477 casinos bringing in this revenue.

Many people tend to think that the gaming industry in Las Vegas is the biggest generator of revenue in the industry, but Native American tribes outperformed Las Vegas by 700%. Native Coin will be utilized in these casinos and because the blockchain industry is decentralized and peer to peer driven, these 477 casinos run across 574 tribes can connect using the Native Coin platform.

Native Coin is planning to introduce itself into the casinos hosted and built by tribes. Holders will have the opportunity to use the coin in the casino to participate in games, pay for products and merchandise at locations in the tribe, while also being used as a ledger for payment for temporary housing and hotels on site. Connectivity is the driving force with N8V, because connectivity across tribes just didn't exist. Also, there are N8V ATM's/Kiosks in production that will be used and placed in casinos and other places across the various tribes participating in adopting, expanding, and developing the ecosystem. The tribes and casinos are coordinating the effort together.

Seeing as though it is a cryptocurrency by nature, its use cases go beyond the real world. Decentralized Finance has opened a myriad of opportunities for individuals to hedge their digital assets in unique ways to generate interest and put their idle crypto to work. Holders and investors of N8V will be able to stake their idle tokens in one of the projects staking pools. Powered by Ferrum Network, N8V has launched 2 staking pools that are currently full and exclusive to early supporters and investors. Holders can stake their N8V in these pools, with the 2 current pools boasting an APY of 100%.

More staking pools are currently in development to ensure full community participation in staking N8V so anyone and everyone can reap the benefits of yield farming. This is an effective use case that gives holders options with their crypto along with the ability to earn interest.

In what could be its most important and ambitious use case, N8V brings a rare opportunity those involved; the ability to draw in investors that can support, fund, and expand enterprises based on the businesses and ventures the tribal communities bring to the table. This allows access to an entirely new investment front. It is a growing front as Native American tribes begin to build their infrastructure and independence from the U.S. government. Investors can directly purchase N8V and help facilitate ecosystem growth.

In addition, the 574 tribes in the U.S., in theory, could adopt N8V as their currency of choice. All tribes partaking in the platform would be subject to direct interaction to tribes and people they may not have had communication or opportunities with before. This not only helps fund and progress the development of tribes and Native American finance directly, but also indirectly by bringing these tribes together while allowing a method of transaction that is efficient and trustless. The funds generated can not only build wealth, but fund other initiatives that are directly helping Native Americans combat the many issues they face on a regular basis. N8V brings structure where none existed previously.

Native Americans are such an important part of the United States' history and growth as a country. Sadly, the mistreatment of Native Americans remains a huge problem. Their land was taken from them by force. They were subject to discrimination and disadvantages due to the fact they were misplaced and thrown into a less than ideal situation. Native Americans deserve the sovereignty promised to them by the U.S. government. N8V can pave the road to sovereignty and bring together tribes across the nation to give them more power as a collective, and more importantly, as people.

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