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3 min readMay 27, 2021


To the SuperLauncher Community,

We wanted to take the time to directly announce the new design for our website,!

First, we’d like to introduce you to our new birdie mascot! We are continuing to develop the SuperLauncher brand, and we thought it would be excellent to have a mascot or representative of sorts to give our users and visitors a gentle, warm welcome!

Along with a new mascot (a name for the birdie is currently being discussed!), we’ve made some changes to the SuperLauncher website to provide a smoother and easier user experience.

Participating in the SuperLauncher ecosystem has never been easier.

The screenshot posted above shows just how simple it is to get started with SuperLauncher. In order to buy, apply for listing, or view IDO’s, all you need to do is simply view our website and you will be greeted with the 3 buttons above to get started!

If you continue scrolling, you will be greeted with a list of upcoming launches, long with projects that have launched in the past and the statistics related to their launch on the platform, as seen below.

In keeping all pertinent information easily accessible, users can continue scrolling and see SuperLaunchers tokenomics, roadmap, and a breakdown of team members (birdies) and their roles in the projects development!

They have also provided tabs for an upcoming governance section that will help bring power to community members through decentralized governance voting.

The team at SuperLauncher is also remaining as transparent as possible by also creating a tab that features important whitelist information regarding the past IDOs they have conducted on the platform.

Providing our users a simplistic and easy way to participate in the IDOs being featured on our platform in a secure and transparent manner is the #1 priority for the team at SuperLauncher and we hope that the revamping of our website will go a long way in helping us reach this goal. As always, stay tuned and subscribe to our social media channels for updates on upcoming IDOs and other information regarding the SuperLauncher platform.

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