Rowket Marketplace: Bringing Artists and Collectors Together

NFTs have proven to be the next driving force in crypto. The public sector is enjoying and utilizing the benefits NFTs bring to the world, and it will only be a matter of time before the private sector starts to integrate these kinds of networks into their businesses. Some of the most frequent questions I see regarding NFTs is “how do I buy them?”, or “how do I trade them?”. NFT Marketplaces are still new and there are few selections that fully integrate the power NFTs can generate.

Things are changing though. A new project has emerged that wants to change this. Rowket Market has an attached utility token for its market place called KET, which will change the NFT landscape.

Rowket Marketplace (KET, Contract Address: 0x5ddAe05d2f854926E8070b435d2dfe5edCa246D9) is a BEP20 token that will be used as the utility token on the Rowket Marketplace. The marketplace serve a purpose that spans across the NFT niche. Their mission is to connect collectors and artists at the base level to create a plethora of opportunities for both parties. Much of the time a disconnect between both sides of a specific interest is what holds an entire community back.

Designed as a one stop shop for NFTs, users will be able to mint, buy, trade, and collaborate with other artists and collectors, all on the same platform. We will also incubate artists by providing them a way to safely Doxx themselves and verify their art which will be on showcase on the Rowket Marketplace.

The first artist being featured in the incubator is Jithu, who was selected based on his talents as a digital artist. To see his NFTs visit the

KET has implemented the following burn and fee schedule into its code for automatic redistribution and burning:

  • 3% transaction fee
  • 2% burned forever
  • 1% redistributed amongst holders as passive yield

These mechanics create a deflationary supply while also distributing rewards to loyal holders. Bringing about an incentive to hold through passive yield provides users utility which puts their idle crypto to work. In addition, users will be able to lend their NFTs through a loan system, an unexplored but undervalued area in the NFT space.

When new areas of any type of market or technology grow, there are people needed to help facilitate its growth. Without this, little can be done, and people on the brink of innovation are silenced. By providing a platform like Rowket to the masses, NFTs will be able to evolve and users will be able to experience the benefits of them.

The Rowket Marketplace launches today, 4/30/21, so you are just in time and can get involved at the start of something bigger than crypto!

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