SuperLauncher: The New Preferred, Zero Fee LaunchPad

4 min readMay 11, 2021


In the world of cryptocurrrency, sometimes it’s not the question of “what should I launch?", but rather “where should I launch?”. Back in the early days of crypto, developers were left to find funding and outreach themselves, with little to no access traditional fundraising opportunities available to other project creators in different niches and professions. This is one large factor in the slow development of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

But things have come a long way since the inception and ultimate adoption of the revolutionary technology known as blockchain. Developers now have a myriad of ways to seek funding to build the financial ecosystems of the future. Known as Launchpads, there are now ecosystems built to exist as a sort of start up opportunity for projects seeking investors and capital to grow their products. It’s important to keep in mind that some are more effective than others. This is important so project teams can maximize their opportunities and get their product out there in front of the masses.

A new cryptocurrency launchpad has arrived and is looking to change the way people launch their projects. Called SuperLauncher, it has made it easy for new projects to launch with little to no funding so they can focus and allocate their resources where they are truly needed. Filled with a bank of investors ready to take the next innovative project to the limelight, SuperLauncher provides the capability to raise large amounts of capital in minutes.


SuperLauncher (LAUNCH, BEP-20 Token) has done the unthinkable and provided start up access for a 0% fee. For those in the space that know how costly these types of partnerships can be, this provides a huge if not the most competitive advantage in the launchpad space. This leaves projects with more capital to allocate to other areas, or allows projects with no actual capital to fund anything the chance to find willing investors.

LAUNCH also provides users with the option to choose how they conduct their IDO. They can impose geographical restrictions to ensure compliance with regulations, along with providing Whitelisting capabilities to further ensure transparency. Being able to conduct IDO’s in a decentralized, secure manner has been a challenge that SuperLauncher seems to have overcome while also bringing much needed exposure to these developers.


They are able to accomplish this with their marketing partnership with CryptoMoonshotsDAO. With over 14,000 traders and investors involved with the DAO, projects earn sponsored exposure to investors that they have found for you. As a part of their overall product strategy, the launchpad also provides sponsored auditing services, which also gives everyone involved in the ecosystem peace of mind.

In addition, SuperLauncher is also partnered with PolyNetwork and GetBlock, who are helping to ensure cross-chain compatibility and infrastructure development. Having the capability to work across the multiple chains crypto has to offer is an extremely vital attribute to any project looking for maximum exposure and utility. The team at SuperLauncher recognizes this and has taken accountability in ensuring they stay competitive in an innovative atmosphere.


For those just looking to simply buy and hold LAUNCH, users can visit the front page of the SuperLauncher Website and follow the link to PancakeSwap. You can view the front page of the site and the appropriate route below.

Applying for an IDO

The process to apply for an IDO on SuperLauncher is quite simple. To apply, visit and fill out the Google Form on the front page of the website listed here. The IDO listing options are broken down into 3 tiers. The tiers are listed as follows:

  • Tier 1: Rocket Tier — 100 LAUNCH (has both whitelist and spillover rounds included, is first-come, first-serve)
  • Tier 2: Armada Tier — 6,000 LAUNCH (gets whitelist in the Armada, is first-come, first-serve)
  • Tier 3: Strategic Tier — 10,000 LAUNCH (Invite only)

Once the IDO form is filled out, the team at SuperLauncher will review the project and make sure it meets the criteria for an IDO listing on their platform. With many projects creating illegitimate protocols and rugpulls, the team at LAUNCH has made it its #1 priority to keep its users and investors safe from bad actors and scams, so projects will be vetted accordingly.

With such an easy, incentivizing, and secure platform to take your IDO and exposure to users and investors to the next level, it’s not hard to see the appeal that the LAUNCH ecosystem brings. As SuperLauncher continues to expand and launch new projects, be on the lookout for new developments and updates on how SuperLauncher can be your go to Launchpad!

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