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Welcome to the Deflect Protocol

Welcome to reverse engineered DeFi, sustainability, legitimized anonymity, unlimited scalability and unlimited funding potential. Welcome to the DEFLECT platform.

The Deflect Protocol is an industry-first solution that brings unlimited scalability, funding potential, and gas-less redistribution of tokens, all under one platform.

Deflect (DEFLCT, Contract Address: 0x3aa5f749d4a6bcf67dac1091ceb69d1f5d86fa53) utilizes the following tokenomics/distribution model:

• Max Supply — 500,000

• Percentage of Transaction Re-Distribution — 1.5%

• Percentage of Transaction Burn Rate — 0.75%

• Percentage of Transaction Deflect Treasury — 0.25%

Deflect enables DeFi startups with white-label solutions and launchpads for custom tailored smart-contracts with tokenomics functionality around liquidity provision, yield farming, and compounding interest-based lock-ups.

Product Outline:

Deflect brands as an Integration Platform and Launchpad that provides solidity expertise, smart-contract-oriented tokenomics as well as ecosystem mechanics advisory, ecosystem maintenance, and support to third projects.

The Ecosystems Smart-Contract support encourages and empowers initiatives by helping build projects with their own native smart-contract ecosystems while providing a LGE (Liquidity Generating Event) Platform for new projects as a fair-launch program that also gives sub-Ethereum DeFi communities a safer alternative to Pre-Sale mechanisms.

But how does the LGE Launchpad work?

Considering projects that are launching on the DEFLCT platform are generally expected to lock liquidity (ETH, in 99.9% of instances) like most other legitimate projects since the locked liquidity idea was conceptualized, they are eligible to claim unlocked pairs tied to DEFLCT, which are subject to Deflect’s in-house liquidity farming ecosystem. Third-Parties will be able to access and utilize Deflect’s numerous ecosystem templates and designs. In addition, they will be able to set their own variables such as Supply, Mechanics, Functionality, Utility, Allocations, Etc.

Our Conditions are outlined below when offering Solidity power to launchpad projects:

  • The team at Deflect will build the token contracts and LGE contracts, deploy LGE’s, then transfer ownership of third-party developer to overtaking third-party.
  • Launchpad token contracts will be built by Deflect Development team with ETH Liquidity Perma-Locked (in the same essence as CORE) with no MINT functions or proxies. With this strategy, all launch projects are 100% protected from exit scams and rug-pulls. Funds are SAFU
  • A Minimum of 5% of total supply (in this instance the launchpad token) is sent to the DEFLCT treasury as a Development cost
  • A minimum of 10% of total supply (in this instance the launchpad token) is sent to the DEFLCT/ETH LP pair for farming
  • A minimum of 10% of total supply (in this instance the launchpad token) is sent to the DEFLCT/NEWTOKEN LP for farming
  • Third-Party launchpad project’s will allocate 65% of the remaining supply to their specifications (LGE, more pools, launchpad token treasury, their own strategies, personal team tokens, etc., as long as all of the information regarding the distribution of the supply is stated openly and pre-allocated for full disclosure and transparency for the community)
  • All launchpad token liquidity farming pools must be hosted on (third-parties can have a UI plug in to the smart-contract on their own site also)
  • There will be some dynamic variables here from project to project depending on the complexity and time-frame of each individual project needs
  • Optional re-auditing of launchpad tokens, updated variables, and tokenomics via our auditing partners (Certik is partnered with Deflect to audit launchpad smart contracts)

Business Model:

Spendable assets within the Deflect ecosystem are external tokens that go to the Deflect treasury. These tokens are spent with zero sell pressure within the Deflect ecosystem.

External tokens accumulated in the treasury will also be allocated to fund expansion within the Deflect ecosystem by diversifying the ecosystems portfolio and building future decentralized index funds along with portfolio management lending/borrowing systems with revolutionary spendable multipliers that increase your risk VS. reward ratio.

Current Phase 1 Utility:

LP Staking pools: Earn returns from a variety of strategies and yields by farming with DEFLECT/ETH LP or DEFLECT/PARTNER LP.

Deflect / Ethereum Liquidity Providers: DEFLCT/ETH LP providers get exclusive access to 10% of the supply of Launchpad projects.

Gas-less Re-distribution: With Deflect, Rewards to network holders direct to their wallets without claiming or staking. Truly a natively inversed fractional reserve based medium of exchange and store of value that this platform and protocol is built on top of.

Fractionally Inversed & Deflationary: The Deflect in your wallet compounds gas-less and frictionless interest on every transaction, so your wallet increases in supply whilst the supply around your wallet is Decreasing. Whilst with your bank, the money in your wallet stays the same, but the supply around your wallet is increasing. Making your money less valuable.

Deflect gives its perma-locked Liquidity providers an innovative utility of passive income by allocation of 10% of all launchpad projects total supply is farmed via the DEFLCT/ETH LP pair.

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